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Investing in Nightly Rentals & Extended Stay Properties

What Is a Nightly Rental?

Some people call nightly rentals Airbnb’s, VRBO’s, Short-Term Rentals (STR’s), or nightly rentals. From the view of a real estate investor, instead of renting the investment property by the month, it’s rented by the night for a higher return. As a Real Estate Investment Service with multiple nightly rentals, many clients have asked – what kind of return will I get? Our answer is always the same, research the financial data provided by “AirDNA,” and understand your comparable properties to determine your gross income. The next step is to utilize your team’s ability to transform the property into a destination. This starts with the location, nearby amenities, town attractions, level of rehab, staging, marketing, and sustainable management. This is where real estate investment meets entrepreneurship, and when these two come together your returns can be very profitable. Bottom line, with this type of investment you get what you put into it.

What Is Extended Stay?

Extended stay homes and apartments are a booming industry. You may know extended stay as “corporate rentals.” Extended stay rentals are fully furnished homes, apartments or ADU’s rented for a minimum of 28 to 31 nights. Many jurisdictions have limits on nightly rentals, but this longer-term model is widely accepted. This growing demographic in search of short-term housing includes travel nurses, contract employees, home buyers/sellers needing a home between homes, and snowbirds. There is also a new demographic of boomers, genXers, and millennials who can work from anywhere with their laptop. They optimistically move around the country in search of new living experiences and will rent a fully furnished home or apartment for 3 to 6 months. With an extended stay investment property, many real estate investors can raise their monthly rates by as much as 50% to 80%.

Looking for a Vacation Rental/Extended Stay Management Company?


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WCP Group EXP and our sister company Wine Country Properties Group EXP refer all our client buyers to Porch Light Vacation Rentals. They are locally based and serve Oregon Wine Country and the surrounding areas. They have multiple tiers providing different levels of service to fit their client’s needs and budgets. They can also provide financial projections from AirDNA to help their clients make informed buying decisions. Visit Porch Light’s website.


We at WCP Group eXp are real estate brokers and owners of vacation/extended stay rentals, multi-family and commercial properties. We live and work in Oregon Wine Country, which covers the Yamhill/Willamette Valleys and the Portland Metro area.

Oregon Wine Country is one of five regions in the world that grows the famous Pinot Noir grape and has created a booming tourism industry. If you are looking to invest in Oregon Wine Country, our experienced team can put you on the fast track with your investment property search. We understand the nuances and will help you navigate city regulations and zoning to ensure you are in compliance.

Over the last 23 years, we have helped hundreds of our clients successfully buy and sell their vacation/extended stay investment properties. And we look forward to helping you. 

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