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How We Can Help You with Your Real Estate Development Goals

A big challenge for many builders and developers is keeping their pipeline full of projects that make sense. At WCP Group eXp, we love the hunt! Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll go to work to find it for you. We’re always watching what’s going on with land use and zoning changes to discover new development opportunities for our clients. Whether you’re looking to develop single family homes, multifamily or commercial we can help source the right property for your next project.


We at WCP Group eXp are real estate brokers who have experience with partitioning and subdividing land. Currently, we and our clients have multiple development projects with various cities in the pipeline. Behind the scenes, our marketing team is at work – helping us source off-market real estate land aquisitions for our clients.

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WCP Group eXp is here to help you source and acquire your next land acquisition.

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